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Active D’Lites Chocolate Bites are the just right balance of probiotic and great tasting chocolates.  Save now with the “Buy 1 and get 2″ Special!

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Active D’Lites uses premium strains of probiotics in the most ideal and delicious delivery system-chocolate! Indulge in wellness with our Active D’Lites Chocolate Bars and Chocolate DailyBites with probiotics.

Each contain HOWARU® probiotics, which are efficacious, extremely stable and are among the most clinically-validated strains of probiotics.

Active D’Lites Chocolate Bars and DailyBites also contain prebiotics, making them excellent sources of fiber. Sweetened with stevia, Active D’Lites products have no sugar added, are low in net carbs and low in calories.

Because fiber and sugar alcohols are digested differently than other carbs, they are acceptable for those on a carb restricted diet.

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